From the 24th February the government is removing remaining domestic restrictions, however Guidelines for the health and social care settings are in place until at least March/April 2022. Therefore, we are keeping precautionary measures in place at the clinic including:

PPE/ Infection Control

We will still be screening patients for symptoms in their confirmation and reminder emails. Please inform us if you, or a member of your household, are suffering from a fever, new persistent cough, alteration to sense of smell or taste or have tested positive on a PCR/ lateral flow test for Covid-19  or are awaiting test results.

If you are suffering from a cold or cough, please let us know. As testing is being scaled down, we have opted to increase PPE wearing by the chiropractors for patients who have a cold and cough as recommended.


Face coverings 

Surgical masks will still be worn by the chiropractors, along with other risk assessed PPE. Patients are also to wear masks in the clinic as we are a health care setting, unless you are exempt.


Virtual Appointments

 We are still offering a virtual consultation service for patients for us to assess, diagnose and offer home care advice to reduce the need for face to face appointments.


Track and Trace

Following guidance from our professional bodies and the Information Commissioner's Office, we will provide the tracers with contact details for the relevant patients/ visitors if we are contacted by the Track and Trace Programme. 

If you require more information regarding the clinic's response to Covid-19, please click here to request further details. You can also see the statement issued by our General Chiropractic Council by clicking here. Please click here to see the latest advice for health and social care settings.