Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic is generally very safe when performed correctly by a trained and registered Chiropractor. Information from your medical history and examination allows your Chiropractor to determine whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the selection of treatment techniques ensuring treatment is appropriate for you. It is therefore very important that you provide accurate information. All discussions are completely confidential.

Is Chiropractic right for me?

If you are unsure just give us a call for no obligation advice about whether we can help. We are more than happy to have a discussion with you about your symptoms and your health in order to assess whether chiropractic care is suitable for you.

What will happen on my first visit?

During your first visit we will go through a detailed history of your condition, followed by questions about your medical history. This allows us to begin to build a clinical picture of your state of health and factors that may affect the results of treatment.

After this the Chiropractor will perform a physical examination assessing joint motion, soft tissue reaction and nerve function. The Chiropractor will assess the area of complaint, but may also look at other areas of your body that may contribute to your problem. You will be asked to undress to your underwear and offered a gown to wear. Please feel free to bring a pair of flexible shorts with you.

Before treatment the Chiropractor will explain their findings and your diagnosis. They will also explain the recommended treatment plan along with the benefits and risks associated with care. If they believe chiropractic care is not appropriate for you, they may suggest a referral to your GP or another health professional.

If you are happy to proceed, treatment can start at the first visit. 

How long does it take?

An initial consultation covering your history, examination and treatment (where appropriate) will last about 40 minutes. Subsequent treatments last approximately 20 minutes. If you are pregnant, require a translator to attend with you or have severely limited motion, please let us know so that you are given the appropriate amount of time.

Will the treatment hurt?

Examination and treatment is usually painless, but if the area of focus is inflamed and irritable then treatment can be sore. Your Chiropractor will tailor your treatment to your tolerance levels and may use ice before treatment starts in order to help reduce any discomfort.

Some people can experience post-treatment soreness, stiffness, and sometimes headaches. This is temporary and a normal reaction when tissues have undergone manual treatment.


Using ice on the area for 20 minutes at regular intervals can help to reduce any discomfort. You should ensure that you have wrapped the ice pack (or bag of peas!) in tissue before applying to the skin to prevent an ice burn which would certainly make the area sore!

Does treatment involve getting undressed?

Generally, patients undress down to their underwear to allow the Chiropractor to assess muscle tone, joint movement and skin changes. Gowns are available and patients are welcome to bring shorts to wear during the examination and treatment. If you feel uncomfortable undressing, please discuss this with your Chiropractor and they will suggest suitable clothing for examination and treatment.

Can I bring someone with me?

Usually we would be more than happy for parents, partners and children to come into the treatment room. However as part of measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, we ask that you come on your own to appointments. Assistance or chaperones may come with you if it is absolutely necessary.



How much does it cost?

Initial consultation:  £65

Treatment:  £40

Virtual Consultation: £30

Virtual Follow up: £35


How many treatments do I need?

Following your examination, your Chiropractor will propose an initial plan for care. This is different for each condition and is affected by individual factors including previous injuries, age, smoking, health status and other provoking lifestyle factors. The plan is flexible and your progress is reassessed at each treatment session to decide when your next appointment should be.

Patients usually attend a couple of treatments within the first 7-10 days then, as the conditions improve, treatments become less frequent and are followed up with a mini review.

Can I claim money back on my health insurance plan?

Yes. You should always contact your provider to find out what conditions and how much they will cover before you start treatment. It is our policy for patients to settle any treatment fees and then claim back directly from their insurers. We will provide detailed receipts for the reimbursement process.

Will I need x-rays?

Under the Ionising Radiation and Medical Exposure Regulations (2017) it is our professional responsibility to keep exposure to radiation as low as reasonably possible. We therefore only recommend that x-rays are taken when there is valid clinical reasoning for doing so. In most cases, an x-ray is not required.